About Us

ACERTA Middle East is  a US certification body for system certification 9001- 14001-45001- 22000- 13485- 50001- 21001 and  Personnel certification  truly independent and specialized in the food and other industries.

ACERTA Middle East is the Official Representitive of ACERTA Certification SL.in Africa and Middle East. ACERTA is an auditing and certification body  in product certification

We invest much effort in training our team and in the standardization of evaluation criteria, which allows us to issue informs based on objective opinions. So our reports are accepted and highly regarded globally.

Since 2009 we developed an intense work of internationalization, which is of benefit to many of our customers since we can attend them in a number of countries with the same expertise and reliability.

On 2016 ACERTA Middle East Started the accreditation process for ISO standards to cover the inquiry of system certification in the middle east.( Egypt- Jordan- Lebanon- Saudia Arabia- Morocco) also in  Pakistan- Banglladesh- India.

ACERTA Middle east is working also Globally to cover areas of Spain- Peru- Chile and Serbia.

Our company is characterized by a strong component of innovation, applied especially to the training and qualification of our internal staff and also to people outside the organization: Therefore we have decided to create ACERTA Academy, an online training platform through which you can take courses like the IRCA recognized Lead auditor Courses for QMS- EMS- FSMS, which is already in its sixth edition and which has helped to train more than 250 people from several countries.

ACERTA ACADEMY conducts courses of international protocols, such as IFS, BRC, GLOBALGAP, etc.., Using new communication technologies for making the information available anywhere in the world with the highest quality.

On 2015, ACERTA has developed a new Branch which is ACERTA Inspection, ACERTA has proven the biggest competence in the field and became one of the major inspection bodies in Egypt by occupying the toppest profile clients in the field of petrolium and Catering.

The ACERTA brand stands for in involved organization based upon integrity, confidence, competence and ambition.

We are looking forward to a positive and agreable cooperation!


We have expanded our analytical services and capabilities and now operates in providing quality laboratory services in a timely and cost competitive manner.

Our diverse staff of over 100 employees includes a wide range of expertise, educational background and capabilities.

These dedicated and capable employees follow the lead and standard of care


Quality Data –

 Strict Adherence to our Quality programs and regulatory requirements which comply with the ISO 17025 guidelines so that our data is tracked, managed, reported, and verified to be accurate and reliable.


Customer Dedication –

 We strive to create lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with all clients. We solicit feedback from our clients and we are committed to responding quickly to any questions or concerns that may arise before, during, or after an assignment.


Analytical Expertise:-

We employ highly qualified and experienced chemists, geologists, physicists, microbiologists, materials scientists and industrial hygienists to enhance our analytical abilities and expertise.



We recognize that the timeliness of a report is as important as the quality of the data. We will not however, allow deadlines or the rush needs of a project to adversely impact our quality objectives.



 We recognize the importance of new technology to better enable us to provide improved service. Extranet access to your data, customized reports, Laboratory Information Management Systems, and analytical instrumentation are continuously upgraded to enable continuous improvement of our service and capabilities.



We believe that a business relationship provides you with an excellent value.


Best Regards

Ahmed Houssien

Managing Director