About our Laboratory

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Acerta Technical Services

offers a comprehensive line of an anlytical testing services.

We offer Quality Analysis, Superior Customer Service and Flexible Turn Around Time approaches to meet our client’s diverse needs.

We employ highly qualified and experienced chemists. microbiologists, biologists, materials scientists and industrial hygienists to enhance our analytical abilities and expertise

Strict Adherence to our Quality programs and regulatory requirements so that our data is tracked,  managed, reported, and verified to be accurate and reliable.

SMART reporting  access to your data, customized reports, Laboratory Information Management Systems, and analytical instrumentation are continuously upgraded to enable continuous improvement of our service and capabilities.

We strive to create lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with all clients. Solicit feedback and committed to responding quickly to any questions or concerns that may arise before, during, or after an assignment.

We insist that our employees uphold the highest ethics and standards.We maintain a “no-compromise” policy as it pertains to any ethical issue.


WATER, FOOD & SWAB Laboratory Services

Microbiological Analysis


We help our clients find the root cause of failures and to develop the next generation of products

-Standard Panel (includes Total Plate Count, Total Coliform , E.-coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella )

-Yeast & Mold


Chemical Analysis


A strict quality system involves chemical analysis to verify chemical composition from raw material to finished product.  

This ensures a safe, high-quality product, Chemical analysis is conducted for a wide range of purposes from material identification and characterization to quality control monitoring. 

(Antioxidative Capacity, Amino Acids, Carotenoids, Color Analysis, Contaminants, Fat and Fatty Acids, Food Additives & Preservatives, Enzymes and Proteins, Rancidity, Organic Acids, Sugars & Polysaccharides)


Shelf Life Studies

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Most perishable foods sold commercially undergo analytical testing to determine the life expectancy or “shelf life” of a product under normal storage conditions before excessive deterioration occurs. Determining shelf life is valuable for vendors to establish a time frame in which to safely sell their products. Similarly, providing consumers with an expiration date ensures that a product unfit for human consumption is not ingested unintentionally


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swabs can be used to test the level of microbial contamination on various surfaces such as air conditioning units, kitchen equipment, hospital wards, spas or any other place. Swab samples can be analysed for total viable counts (usually referred to as colony forming units) or specific indicator organisms for food spoilage or sewage contamination.