Cerificates - Tesco NURTURE

Private Standard from TESCO supermarkets in United Kingdom and managed by Cmi. Tesco NURTURE establishes specific norms for Good Agricultural Practices. tomatoes greenhouse.jpg ACERTA offers Tesco NURTURE inspections - CONVENTIONAL & ORGANIC, in addition to the possibility to combine these audits with GLOBALG.A.P., Leaf Marque, Albert Heijn, etc. ACERTA's world wide presence as well as our increasing certification and inspection scopes, enables us to provide the services of a consolidated certification and inspection firm with a leadership vocation in both the international agro and in the food manufacturing certification sectors.

What is NURTURE?
Nurture was launched in 1992, to ensure that Tesco provides quality fruit and vegetables for their customers. This is an exclusive quality standard which assures the customer that Tesco’s fruit and vegetables are grown in an environmentally friendly and responsible way. Each producer is subject to separate audits and they are regularly monitored to make sure that they continue to comply with the demanding standards.

Who is it for?
The Tesco Nurture standard concentrates on the implementation at the operation of technical management, from the reproduction material (seeds and plantlets), the supplies used and their management, taking into account environmental factors, the workers at the operation and above all foodstuff safety; irrigation, fertilisation and plant protection items; lastly the handling of the fruit and vegetable produce, with the possibility of the scope of the certification including only the management of the operation or reaching as far as the finished product at the handling centre.

The environmental criteria of the Nurture protocol are based on the following aspects:

  • Rational usage of plant protection products, fertilisers and manures.
  • Prevention of contamination.
  • Protection of human health.
  • Usage of power, water and other natural resources.
  • Recycling and reuse of material.
  • Conservation and improvement of the landscape and flora and fauna. 

When is it needed?
Implementation and certification of the standard at farm basis is a quality guarantee for the producers supplying TESCO, and a clear option for adding value to the products and to the enterprise; it is a good business card that fulfills the demands of the market and helps you to project in the market and to internally organise the business.

What to do next?
In order to be certified, the operation has to be entered in the Tesco NURTURE farm register through Tesco’s supplier of the product, requesting ACERTA for an application for an audit for the protocol. After obtaining the Assignation of an Audit, ACERTA proceeds to program and perform it. TESCO NURTURE has three levels of certification depending on the levels of compliance with the compulsory standard critical control points of the norm. This certificate can be obtained on Gold, Silver and Bronze levels.

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